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The home equity industry is broken

The traditional home equity process is complicated and stressful. The process isn't transparent, and some fees are simply ridiculous. We felt there must be a better way for helping homebuyers. By learning what you can afford from the very beginning, we end your concerns about being unable to tap your equity, while also reducing the time it takes to access your equity.

Why I started Best Finance

The home equity process is complex and stressful. Most companies run on old processes, which makes getting a home equity line of credit outrageously complicated. Shopping around for a HELOC is even more difficult, and it can take a month and lots of documents to finish. Best Finance gives you an instant offer, and you can be finished in 15 minutes, rather than a month like most lenders. Best Finance's technology and team of home experts will provide you with the tools and information to help you experience an easier HELOC journey, right from the start.

Founder of Best Finance - Chris

Best Finance is dedicated to making homeownership faster and simpler, with superior customer support along the way.